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Sabine Nagel


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- 1988
   High school
- 1988-1990   
   Apprentice as technical drawer
- 1989              
   First contact with tattoos by my first tattoo of Alex
- 1989-1991   
  "Teaboy" at Alex studio
- 1991              
   Relocation and enlargement of Alex Tattoo Studio
- 1992            
  Fulltime Tattoo Artist at Alex Tattoo Studio
   First toughts of moving and having my own studio, caused
   by my boyfriend, who lives at Bavaria
- 09.05.2002  
   Opening of my own studio
   Sabine Nagel
   Tätowierkunst & Körperschmuck
   Prinz-Ludwig-Strasse 12
   86911 Dießen am Ammersee
   20 years in the Tattoo-Business!!!
Sep. 2012     
   Moving into the new studio in the Prinz-Ludwig-Strasse 11
   in Dießen, just opposite of the old studio!
Nov. 2012
My new homepage is ready!